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  1. Tasken

    Virtual Carding How to Get Canva Pro For Free

    Go to Login into via any fake Gmail id because Canva doesn't do any verification so use any mail comes into your mind even [email protected] Then Go to namso-gen .com Create a credit card using *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text...
  2. Jaysu

    Virtual Carding Foot Locker Carding Method

    There are many sites to use if you want to card footlockers. On this article, I will give you the complete foot locker carding method, cardable site, and tutorials that are working in 2020. I and my team have had a lot of success in this game, that’s why we decided to share the knowledge and...
  3. Soldier

    News Using a bug in Firefox, you could steal cookies from an Android device

    Independent information security expert Pedro Oliveira spoke about the bug CVE-2020-15647, which he discovered in the spring of this year in Firefox for Android. A specially created HTML file could be used to steal cookies from the victim's device. The vulnerability was how Firefox handles...
  4. xanix

    Anonymity Anonymity Guide – be anonymous through the Internet

  5. al capone

    Anonymity The Basics – Staying Safe While Carding as a Beginner

    It’s pretty obvious there is zero risk involved while carding or building profiles for higher valued targets blah blah. Regardless we should be following some safety measures in order to reach that zero risk possibility. Carding is hard work and not easy money. Methods are always changing and...
  6. Tasken

    Payment Systems Payment Processing in November (Instructions)

    If you are working with Payment Processors or want to defraud a merchant who uses stripe then I believe this may help you get a grasp on what you’ll need to do. I’m getting bored of straight up technical writings so for this one let’s just call this a game. To win this game we’ll be aging and...
  7. sanok

    Tips What is the meaning of VBV, NON VBV and MSC?

    VBV (Verified by Visa) – Extra level protection is added by Visa to protect the Card from fraud. Like DOB, password, Social Security Number and Mother’s name, etc. also sending OTP (one-time password) as extra security level to card owner mobile number to validate the transaction. NON VBV...
  8. al capone

    Tips Working Virtual CreditCard

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Note: It is all in russian, so you should use google chrome or a translation app before trying this
  9. xanix

    Virtual Carding Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay, Victoria's secret | Bin

    Bin:*** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Clear browser data and Socks5 or RDP Enjoy!
  10. xanix

    Cardable Sites | Carding: Clothes and Shoes | Carding: Clothes and Shoes *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Repeat again till card dies.
  11. al capone

    Virtual Carding Amazon | Latest Method & Tips

    From last few years many newbie want to do carding in Amazon, but they didn’t get success due to mistakes like ‘Creditcard is dead, Low Balance, vpn issue etc so today i will be sharing the method which is 100% working in 2020. Steps: To become a pro carder read the carding tutorial till end.I...
  12. sanok

    Virtual Carding BangGood | Method, Bins, Tips

    To do this, you need to: 1. Socks5 proxy server 2. Live credit card 3. Good VPN Method: 1. Don't use Google Chrome, use Firefox or Brave. 2. Create a gmail address with the name of the credit card holder 3. Clear the history manually and again using (cccleaner) 4. Connect to your shocks5...
  13. Serafim

    Virtual Carding Wallet Google | Guide

    In this article we will tell you about carding method GOOGLE and its features There are 3 authentication methods in Google wallet. The maximum size of the Deposit depends on the level. At the initial level, it is $ 400 and does not require documents for confirmation. The second level requires...
  14. Serafim

    News Almost half of all fraudulent call centers are located in prisons

    The total income of cybercriminals reaches more than 75 million rubles per month. Almost half of all fraudulent call centers are in prisons. The total income of cybercriminals reaches more than 75 million rubles per month. “It is not just individual malefactors who call customers, but the...
  15. Serafim

    Virtual Carding E-Cards Carding

    Carding from e-cards - is that possible? Many modern banks offer a service of release e-card, sometimes with a prepaid denomination. This service has been developed in response to carding - the e-card allows to limit the possibility of fraud in case of obtaining the card data. However, card may...
  16. Jeremys

    News The court fined the Ukrainian for the spread of computer viruses

    The court ordered the man to pay a fine of 8500 hryvnias for spreading computer viruses. The judgment, published in the Unified State Register, was made by the Komsomolsk City Court of the Poltava Region. During the trial, it was established that in August 2019, the defendant found and...
  17. Jaysu

    Virtual Carding Gift-Card Amazon

    Gift-Card Amazon What you'll need: 1. A CreditCard with full billing information [CVV, Address, Full Name, Phone, Zip, City, and State of the CC. Make sure it is a worthwhile BIN (BIZ, Corp, GOLD, PLAT)] 2. SOCKS5 Proxy matching CC City + State. And this SOCK must never have been used before...
  18. al capone

    Hacking Tools for successful Carding Cashout

    Tools for successful Carding Cashout There are some software and carding tools needed if you want to be a good and successful carder. One thing is to know the right tools and another thing is to know how to set them up for use, you may know all the carding software but may not know how to use...
  19. Lucky

    Cryptocurrency Ethereum still not ready for DeFi, say some critics

    Ethereum needs to fix its problems. As DeFi projects flock to Ethereum, experts warn the network is not yet ready to support the frenzy. Martin Froehler, a mathematician, former hedge fund manager, and founder of Austrian crypto trading platform Morpher, told Cointelegraph that although...
  20. Gap

    News The prosecutor demanded 12 years in prison for hacker Nikulin

    He was previously convicted of cybercrimes. The Prosecutor's Office for the Northern District of California has recommended to the US federal court to sentence Russian Yevgeny Nikulin, who was previously convicted of cybercrimes, to 12 years in prison. The relevant documents were received in...
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