News Bank manager stole over $ 4 million from clients to impress his girlfriend


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An Australian bank manager stole more than $ 4 million from clients, which he then spent on expensive cars and designer watches. In court, he explained this act with a desire to impress his girlfriend, writes the Daily Mail.

According to the investigation, 39-year-old Andy Lee from 2015 to 2019 carried out a fraudulent scheme that allowed him to siphon money from the accounts of his clients. To do this, a man who worked as a bank manager in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster, offered unsuspecting people to issue an urgent deposit, and then sent the funds received to other accounts.

The bulk of the money was deposited in accounts, which were registered by the fraudster in front persons. The attacker also transferred funds to his girlfriend. No more than $ 400,000 was sent to Lee's personal account for all four years of illegal activity, the Daily Mail notes.

At the same time, Li said at the trial that some of the deceived clients considered him their friend. The couple, from whom the manager stole about $ 1.5 million, even attended his wedding.

The 39-year-old man invested the stolen money in real estate and restaurant business, as well as spent on luxury goods. In particular, Lee purchased 26 designer watches and two Porsche cars, one of which he gave to his girlfriend. According to the crook, he wanted to impress her.

The man also explained that for many years he tried to appear as someone who in reality was not, and at some point he stopped distinguishing his own lies from reality. He stressed that he was glad to be detained, because he did not see any other way out of this situation.

On Friday, September 11, Li was sentenced to seven years and eight months in prison. A fraudster will have to serve at least three years and ten months before he becomes eligible for parole.
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