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  1. Dorblue

    News Sberbank commented on the" leak " of customer data

    Sberbank said that there was no leakage of customer data of "Sberpremier". The data, the announcement of the sale of which appeared recently on the Internet, does not contain bank secrecy. This is how Sberbank commented on the message about the sale of customer data to SberPremier. On April...
  2. Jaysu

    Bank Carding Why Most Loaders Charge a Fee Before Loading Your Account

    Now loading job would’ve been easy and sweet if we didn’t have some bad people running as middle man in the job or have some greedy bank owners. Now to why some loaders charge before loading your account. 1) They spend money to buy tools: A loader trying to run an ACH job in your account will...
  3. Dorblue

    News The Russian Federation proposed to restrict the use of bank cards to pensioners

    Elderly people will be able to voluntarily abandon some of the functions of bank cards in order to protect against fraud. Representatives of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) proposed to protect pensioners from fraudsters and put forward an initiative according to which older people will be...
  4. Dep

    News Bank manager stole over $ 4 million from clients to impress his girlfriend

    An Australian bank manager stole more than $ 4 million from clients, which he then spent on expensive cars and designer watches. In court, he explained this act with a desire to impress his girlfriend, writes the Daily Mail. According to the investigation, 39-year-old Andy Lee from 2015 to 2019...
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