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  1. Dorblue

    News In the course of a large-scale phishing campaign, three new malicious programs were used

    The UNC2529 group attacked about 50 organizations around the world with phishing emails. e Criminals have organized a large-scale phishing campaign against organizations from a wide variety of industries in countries around the world using new types of malware. According to experts from the...
  2. Core

    News A Nevada court has sentenced 33-year-old Russian Sergey Medvedev to 10 years in prison for cybercrime

    The Ministry of Justice said that Medvedev, "also known as "Stealth," Segmed "and" Serge-bear", pleaded guilty in court. Russian citizen Sergey Medvedev was sentenced by a court in Nevada to 10 years in prison for committing cybercrimes as part of a group, the damage from which amounted to $568...
  3. Jeremys

    News macOS Backdoor attacks iOS App Developers

    The XcodeSpy malware consists of a Run Script added to the legitimate Xcode project TabBarInteraction. Specialists of the information security company SentinelOne told about a new type of malware for macOS, which is used in attacks on iOS developers through Xcode Trojan projects. The XcodeSpy...
  4. Otto

    Anonymity Changing your digital fingerprint, MAC address, DNS and IMEI on Android

    We have already considered changing the fingerprint on a PC, but we did not touch mobile devices. Manuals are designed for the Android system. It's no secret that modern devices are Packed with all sorts of metrics, including a fingerprint. Basically, it is used for identification in the...
  5. Gap

    Anonymity 3 ways to protect your privacy with a VPN

    Greetings friends. Today we will talk about a very old and hackneyed topic, namely, VPN. About the role of this tool in building Your personal security. I will try to be brief and to the point, without any unnecessary words. What is a VPN, what does it do (or what doesn't) You probably already...
  6. Jaysu

    News Microsoft has warned of an increase in the number of cyber attacks using web shells

    Cybercriminals often use web shells to ensure their presence in compromised networks. Microsoft has warned of an increase in the number of cyber attacks using web-based shells. Compared to last year, the average monthly number of malicious web shells detected on compromised servers has doubled...
  7. Serafim

    Bank Carding Tutorial | How to load prepaid cards | Part 2

    STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL ON HOW TO LOAD PREPAID CARDS I used Huntington bank log with email access, follow tut below ‼️ When u login a Huntington bank login for the first time, they will ask for code to be sent to phone number or email attached, choose email and let them send code to email access...
  8. Lucky

    News Hackers stole medical records of clients of two American clinics

    Tens of thousands of files with patient data from several hospitals in a number of cities in Texas and the city of Miami were accessed on one of the hacker forums. Personal data of patients of two hospital networks in the United States was publicly available as a result of a hacker attack, NBC...
  9. Gap

    Virtual Carding Carding BIN | Pubg Mobile Uc

    401343 Royal Bank United Kingdom Enjoy and have a nice day! :)
  10. Jaysu

    News Vulnerability in Windows 10 damages hard drive after viewing file

    The vulnerability appeared in the version of Windows 10 (build 1803) and continues to exist in the latest version. A vulnerability in Microsoft Windows 10 allows attackers to damage an NTFS-formatted hard drive with a single-line command. A single-line file can be hidden inside a Windows...
  11. Otto

    News LC: Hackers of US government agencies used software used by Russian hackers

    A Kaspersky Lab study claims that the malware used by attackers during a cyberattack on US government agencies in December is similar to tools that are linked to Russian hackers. Hackers broke into the IT systems of US government agencies using tools used by the Russian cybercrime group Turla...
  12. Otto

    News Analysis of 4,000,000 Docker images showed that half of them contain critical vulnerabilities

    Researchers from Prevasio studied 4,000,000 public Docker images hosted on Docker Hub and found that more than half of them have critical vulnerabilities, and several thousand images contain malicious or potentially dangerous elements. For the analysis, the specialists used their own Prevasio...
  13. al capone

    Virtual Carding PaxFul Hack | 2020 Tips

    1. Log into your Paxful Account with a Windows PC 2. Turn off Windows Defender and any other antivirus that is on the pc 3. Create a new Bitcoin account(You can use paxful, blockchain, Bitpay or any Bitcoin wallet you know) *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden...
  14. al capone

    Tips How To Spam PayPal

    Tools: 1 - Mailist 2 - Hosting ( Cpanel or Shell ) 3 - Mailler 4 - A good Scam page 5 - Email To Receive the Result Spam 6 - A Letter Now i will explain For you all Of this To Start Spaming You nedd To get a mail List ( email where you will send your spam ) , understand ? Scam Page mean , a...
  15. Tasken

    Bank Carding How to Throw check with Bank Logs

    100% working and very simple. You need to buy Bank logs before you can try this carding method. Required Tools: Before you can use my method successfully, you need to have all the required tools from the right source. It will aid your successful cashout without chargeback or any other hitches...
  16. K

    News Vulnerability in Android APP GO SMS Pro reveals data exchanged by users

    Trustwave researchers discovered a vulnerability in the GO SMS Pro app installed more than 100,000,000 times. Because of the bug, multimedia files (voice messages, videos, and images) that users exchange are now available to anyone. You can even extract files from the app server that were...
  17. xanix

    Virtual Carding Skrill | Tutorial with BIN

    Skrill | Tutorial with BIN Tools needed: 1. Master Card You can buy from any cc shop 2. A unique Bin (544856) 3. RDP or 911 VPN 4. CC Cleaner Premium 5. Fresh Email Address 6. Skrill Website Steps: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum...
  18. Wisp

    Payment Systems Paypal | Method Update!

    Paypal | Method Update! *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Enjoy! #carders forum carders method carding forum carding...
  19. xanix

    Anonymity Anonymity Guide – be anonymous through the Internet

  20. Wisp

    Tips Helpful links | SSN | CreditScore | Background

    Free validate SSN issuance Decoding of SSN structure Family histiry and vital records for autosearch MMN Full background check person instantly *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text...
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