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You are out of your home to another place and unfortunately you spotted a WiFi with no passkey . you know that felling, Especially when you’re tired of buying Data plans, public Wi-Fi is the only way to keep up with work and friends while you out or broke.

But do you know you will never sip water from a public tap unless you are pretty sure it is safe to drink, but in terms of Public WiFi, you don’t care if it is safe to use, instead you just connect to it… It’s bad dudes

You need to be cautious about the Public Wi-Fi networks you connect into. Most of us don’t take precautions and that’s one reason why cyber-crimes and hacking are still prevailing.

Hackers most used means of attack is known as MIMT (Man In The Middle Attack) they make use of the security flaw in the routers of the cafe or Public wifi and exploits it to access the data that passes between you and the wifi.

So how are we gonna save our ass from falling victim since we can’t do without this public WiFi, since it’s Free, so you have to start checking whether the public WiFi network you want to use is secured or unsecured before you join it.

A lot of all public Wi-Fi hotspots are entirely unencrypted. So, only use networks that require a log-in and password.

Even the most secure-looking public WiFi networks are targeted by hackers. So you can also improve security on your end, by avoiding signing in to sensitive websites (such as online banking) while you are away from home.

But if it seems that you got no choice than to use this Public Wifi, then try to maintain different passwords for each account you use, and always sign out when you’ve finished with whatsoever you’re doing.

Public Wi-Fi is actually a good thing!, It’s great to have it around. am proud of those countries that have that, cause here in my country there’s nothing like free WiFi , if you see a Free WiFi networks, it’s probably that someone mistaken turn on his/her hotspot .

But while none of us ‘expects’ to get hacked, millions get Hacked each year so why not tune up your online security with this new guide to keep staying safe on public Wi-Fi

The benefits of Wi-Fi-on-the-go only outweigh the risks until trouble strikes. With the right precautions, you can seriously reduce the chances of that happening.
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