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  1. Jeremys

    News Hackers attack corporate Networks via File Zend File sharing Servers

    This campaign is very similar to the attacks through vulnerabilities in the Accellion FTA file sharing solution in December 2020. Cybercriminals are hacking into corporate and government computer systems to steal sensitive data through two vulnerabilities in a popular file-sharing server. As...
  2. Tasken

    News Hackers gained access to surveillance cameras in Tesla, Cloudflare, banks and not only

    Bloomberg reports that a group of hackers managed to gain access to surveillance cameras installed in Tesla, Equinox, medical clinics, prisons and banks. In addition to the images from the cameras, the hackers published screenshots proving that they had direct access to the surveillance systems...
  3. Serafim

    News The apartment of the hacker who broke into security cameras in Tesla, was searched

    The hacker is wanted for " hacking computer databases with subsequent theft and dissemination of information." Police in Lucerne (Switzerland) searched the apartment of hacker Tillie Kottmann, who took responsibility for the massive hacking of video surveillance cameras with face recognition...
  4. Tasken

    News APT32 has been attacking Vietnamese human rights activists with spyware for years

    The attacks are part of an ongoing campaign aimed at spying on Vietnamese human rights activists, bloggers and non-profit organizations. The Vietnamese hacker group APT32 (also known as OceanLotus and SeaLotus) organized a series of spyware attacks targeting Vietnamese human rights defenders...
  5. Jeremys

    News Certification giant Underwriters Laboratories was the victim of a ransomware

    To prevent the attack from spreading further, the company shut down its computer systems. Security standardization and certification company Underwriters Laboratories (UL LLC) was attacked by a ransomware program that encrypted devices in its data center. To prevent the attack from spreading...
  6. Jaysu

    News Microsoft: More than 1 thousand hackers probably worked on the organization of the SolarWinds attack

    The companies called the attack through SolarWinds the largest in history. The results of an analysis of the hacking of SolarWinds computer systems conducted by Microsoft suggest that the malicious code used in the attack on the SolarWinds supply chain was developed by about a thousand...
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