Anonymity Connections for Carding


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What the carder perfect connection look like?
If you’ve figured out how to prepare your laptop and are already on your way to your first vbiv - you need to prepare for an anonymous connection. At the Carding Forums, some advise the use of ten different proxies, others advise not to use anonymity - no one catches anyone. In this article I'll describe the «ideal» connection to the Internet to achieve full anonymity. The scheme isn't eternal or perfect, but it does provide insight into how much is needed to work with the cards.

What do we need?
For an anonymous connection, you'll need a TOR browser, 2 VPN and a dedicated server. Why so much? This'll allow you to maximize traffic confusion and the impossibility of identifying yourself on the Internet.
The scheme is as follows: Internet connectivity is provided by a TOR browser that connects to two sequentially connected VPN, the traffic from which goes to a pure dedicated server. All of this can be configured both by the web interfaces of each individual part and by traffic control.

What and how does it work?
The first stage, the TOR browser, sends traffic through the «onion» network - in it traffic flows through a large number of nodes. However, even this traffic can be traced.
After the TOR-browser traffic goes to the first VPN - this allows to hide the address of the output node and already secure itself from most «wiretap». The second VPN - it allows you to hide the address of the first and protect against those who try to calculate you through the traffic of the first VPN to determine the output node.
From the last VPN traffic goes to the dedicated server - it allows to «wash» itself from possible prohibitions and restrictions from the two previous stages. As a result, you get an extremely confusing connection, which at the same time looks «white» for most sites, provided that the dedicated server wasn't noticed earlier by banks and shops.

Why is there no proxy in the scheme?
Of course, proxies channel traffic through themselves, but they don’t disguise it, although they don’t record it. Besides, almost all proxies are «dirty» and have long been determined by banks, shops and other users, who shouldn't be allowed to connect through other users.
Proxy though help to disguise part of traffic and partially change its «output», they remain the last century and for ensuring the anonymity of the carder is no longer suitable.
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