hackers news 2020

  1. Jeremys

    News The REvil ransomware attacked one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in the world

    At first, the extortionists demanded $25 million from Pierre Fabre, but when the victim refused to pay, they doubled the amount. One of the largest pharmaceutical groups in France, Pierre Fabre, has become a victim of the extortionate REvil software. At first, the attackers demanded a ransom of...
  2. xanix

    News Major Russian-language hacker forum Maza was the victim of a data leak

    The attackers stole IDs, usernames, email addresses, and links to messengers. The Maza cybercrime forum was the victim of a data leak that compromised the information of its users. The leak was discovered by Flashpoint specialists. Maza, also known as Mazafaka, is a closed Russian-language...
  3. xanix

    News Pay2key ransomware stole and published Intel subsidiary's data

    the israeli developer of artificial intelligence processors habana labs, owned by intel, was subjected to a cyber attack using extortionate software, during which attackers stole confidential data. The operators of the pay2key ransomware published on their website on the darknet files allegedly...
  4. Gap

    News One of the largest game development companies Capcom was subjected to a cyber attack

    The Japanese Corporation Capcom, which is one of the world's largest developers and publishers of computer video games, was the victim of a cyber attack that disrupted business operations and email systems. "Some Capcom networks have experienced issues affecting access to certain systems...
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