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  1. xanix

    News NATO experiments with deceptive techniques to fight Russian hackers

    During a NATO cyber exercise in Estonia on November 16-20, experts practiced catching government-funded hackers using specially set traps. 1,000 people took part in the exercise, which was coordinated by the cyber security Training center under the Estonian Ministry of defense. If the previous...
  2. al capone

    News Former hacker heads Twitter security service

    The American Corporation Twitter Inc has hired one of the hackers Payter Zatko, previously known by the network alias Mudge, as the head of the security service. Zatko will report directly to CEO Jack Dorsey. It is planned that it will take over the management of key security functions. In an...
  3. Gap

    News A group of "white hackers" discovered 55 vulnerabilities in Apple services

    The total amount of remuneration for discovered vulnerabilities was $ 288,000. A group of "white hackers" has been hacking into Apple services for three months in order to identify weaknesses in their security system. Researchers have identified 55 vulnerabilities, some of which can be...
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