1. xanix

    Anonymity Great Must be Readed for Your Security

    1. ENCRYPT A. Your computer, in case it is seized. Use Truecrypt with hidden OS, so you can give up a password if you live in a place where not cooperating is a serious crime (aka: a police state). B. Your communications, in case the vendor you work with has his E-mail being watched, which...
  2. Lucky

    News 3.27 billion stolen credentials are up for sale for just $ 2

    The aggregate database combined old records from past cyberattacks, including user credentials from Netflix, LinkedIn, Exploit, and more. 3.27 billion of stolen credentials were listed for sale for just $ 2 on the popular cybercriminal forum RaidForums. A forum user using the pseudonym...
  3. Gap

    News Vulnerabilities in Dnsmasq allow the "DNS cache poisoning" attack»

    In total, the researchers identified seven vulnerabilities in the Dnsmasq software, combined under the name DNSpooq. Specialists of the Israeli information security company JSOF have discovered a number of vulnerabilities in the popular Dnsmasq software that allow the "DNS cache poisoning"...
  4. Lucky

    News In the darknet, prices for access via RDP, DDoS attacks and payment card data are growing

    The price for a fully managed DDoS attack is $165 on the darknet. image Cybersecurity researchers at Flashpoint have reported rising prices for access to RDP servers, stolen payment card data and a "DDoS-as-a-service" business model on underground forums and trading platforms. "As a result of...
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