1. Dorblue

    Cryptocurrency Visa plans to allow partners to settle fiat transactions with crypto

    Visa’s partners will be able to exchange USDC over the payment network to clear transactions made in fiat currency. Major credit credit provider Visa is piloting a program that will allow its partners to use the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to settle a transaction made in fiat. In a Monday...
  2. sanok

    Anonymity Methods anonymous withdrawal of funds

    Basics of work When working with any electronic money received in the gray or black way, at least basic rules of anonymity should be observed. It is always worth considering the fact that absolutely all transactions made with electronic or bank accounts can be tracked almost in real time...
  3. xanix

    Anonymity Great Must be Readed for Your Security

    1. ENCRYPT A. Your computer, in case it is seized. Use Truecrypt with hidden OS, so you can give up a password if you live in a place where not cooperating is a serious crime (aka: a police state). B. Your communications, in case the vendor you work with has his E-mail being watched, which...
  4. Tasken

    News Why don't intelligence agencies and hackers have trouble breaking into iPhones?

    After 2012, Apple loosened the protection of devices and began to apply strong encryption to less data. A group of cryptography experts has offered a theory about why law enforcement is still able to hack the iPhone, despite the constant iOS fixes and security levels of the mobile device...
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