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Greetings, friends! Our team offers for you to learn an interesting, and most importantly profitable kind of earnings. We continue the successful company of courses, the basis of which is carding. Joining our club will give you an opportunity to start working in the shadow business as a whole, not just in carding, but in an extensive sphere, with many opportunities for development and big earnings. The course is constantly developing in several directions, opening more and more opportunities for members of our club.

The subject of our work is the USA, Europe, Asia, from which, subsequently, we can receive the goods directly in the country of our residence, using the tools that we will provide to you.
The very essence of clothing carding is based on the fact that you can buy goods (equipment, clothing, electronic goods, etc.) at someone else's expense, using credit card and bank account data.
At the same time, there are a lot of options where you can immediately receive money for your work result, without even touching the product with your hands.
We are accompanying you from the very beginning, to obtaining a stable profit.

What is considered in the course:
  • Full analysis of the terminology of carding
  • Security and anonymity on the Internet
  • Working with a virtual machine (Virtual Box, VMware)
  • Dealing with credit cards (bins, types, which cards to buy), DOB and SSN
  • Discussion of work on the USA, Europe, Asia
  • Correct search of sites for driving in
  • How to make a successful drive, bypassing security systems
  • Solving problem situations with shops (ringing and scans)
  • Ways of realization of the product:
Drops (search / recruitment / work)
  • The work of E-Gift Cards
  • Driving into the playgrounds (Steam, Humblebundle, etc.)
  • Enroll
Complete analysis of bank account terminology
  • Search for information about any US citizen
  • Finding information about financial institutions
  • Mechanics of creating bank accounts
  • Gulf, withdrawal and withdrawal of funds.
  • Methods of working with accounts that are not yours (brute / logs)
  • Construction and implementation of various schemes for withdrawing funds from the USA
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds from investment offices
  • Security: all about responsibility for your actions, causes, consequences and consequences
  • Optimal system setup for operation

Emphasis will be placed on quick earnings for the beginner
(All of the above is a single course)

Our team provides for comfortable work:
  • Its CC supplier, guarantee of replacement of non-working material
  • Drop, send and squint services for the US and China
  • Authoritative caller service with discounts for tubers
  • Service of drawing documents with discounts for tubers

Additional features:
All those who entered the club are given a special status on the forum, a private section opens with the most up-to-date information on carding.
There you will be able to communicate, share secrets, show off your successes, receive answers from the lecturers of the forum.
In addition, this status allows:
  • Discount on the use of Escrow-Service - 5%
  • Discount for advertising your services - 25%

Our team:
The professors consist of professionals in their field who proved their worth and only after that they were admitted to the forum team. I will draw your attention to the fact that some of the lectures are conducted by the best students from our course, which is an additional income for them. You too will have such a chance!

How is the training conducted:
6 weeks (20 lessons in theory + personal consultations + practical days). The number of classes can be changed if it is necessary to consolidate knowledge or to repeat what has been done. The goal is to teach you.
After the end of the course, you stay in the forum club and also you can count on the support of the lecture!
If new groups have lectures with new directions of work, you will have the opportunity to visit them.
Classes are held in the evening in USA time, on weekdays.
Time in advance is agreed with the students.
In case you for some reason missed the lesson, the lecture can be viewed from the saved entries, as well as contact your lecturer for help.

What is the price of the course:
The full cost of the course is $ 300

How to start training?
Contact the contacts below, ask all the questions you are interested in, if everything suits you:
  • Make a deposit of $ 100, book a place
  • Get a task to set up your system
  • Make payment balance before class starts
  • You are given a club status and you start the course

Every month we expand the subject of courses! We create a system with many directions, so that everyone can find himself.
All new lectures will be available to every member of the club.

Contacts for entries, questions, payment:
PM -
Telegram - @pro_escrow
(Be careful! Do not fall for the fake)
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