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  1. Gap

    News Indian man arrested on charges of crypto fraud via "Morris Coin' scheme

    A 36-year-old man from Kerala was arrested under charges of cryptocurrency fraud. District police have arrested a 36-year-old man from the Malappuram district of the south Indian state of Kerala on charges of operating a cryptocurrency scam. Nishad has been charged under the Prize Chits and...
  2. al capone

    News US authorities exposed ongoing hacking campaigns in Russia, Ukraine, India and Malaysia

    Criminals use SlothfulMedia malware to steal information, keylogging and modify files. The US Department of Defense and the US Department of Homeland Security spoke about malware that is being used by an unnamed group to carry out cyber attacks. CyberScoop sources said the criminals are...
  3. Jeremys

    News The court fined the Ukrainian for the spread of computer viruses

    The court ordered the man to pay a fine of 8500 hryvnias for spreading computer viruses. The judgment, published in the Unified State Register, was made by the Komsomolsk City Court of the Poltava Region. During the trial, it was established that in August 2019, the defendant found and...
  4. al capone

    News 6.5 TB of Bing Mobile Search Engine Data Released Online

    The Elasticsearch server was in the public domain on the web from 10 to 16 September. Security researcher Ata Hakcil of WizCase discovered an unsecured Microsoft-owned Elasticsearch server that contained over 6.5 TB of log files with 13 billion entries retrieved from the Bing Mobile search...
  5. Lucky

    News Cyber police attacked the trail of the Ukrainian group of card hackers

    Reportedly, employees of the Cyber Police Department revealed that an unidentified person, by brute-forcing passwords, systematically obtained access to the accounts of users of a number of online trading platforms. This gave him access to payment cards and Paypal accounts of users, the funds...
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