1. Gap

    News WhatsApp forbid sending messages to users who do not agree with the new rules

    All "dissenters" will be able to receive calls and notifications for the next two weeks, but will not be able to read or send messages from the messenger. Users will be able to receive calls and notifications. However, you will not be able to read and send messages. Inactive accounts will be...
  2. al capone

    News Durov calls for switching to Android to preserve information freedom

    According to Durov, Apple is more dangerous than Google, because it can completely restrict users ' access to the applications they use. Telegram founder Pavel Durov said in his blog that Apple may restrict the freedom of users. Therefore, it is better for users to switch from the iOS platform...
  3. Lucky

    News WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal give out phone numbers of all users

    Synchronization of the messenger with contacts from the address book (contact discovery) is a very convenient function. When a new person installs the application, a large list of contacts is automatically added to it, and if someone first installed the messenger, then a notification about this...
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