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  1. Serafim

    News The US told about the North Korean malware AppleJeus for stealing cryptocurrency

    The Lazarus Group has developed several versions of the AppleJeus malware to attack individuals and companies around the world. The FBI, CISA, and the U.S. Treasury Department have released detailed information about malicious and fake cryptocurrency trading apps used by North Korean hackers to...
  2. Jaysu

    News Nearly 2,000 US police have hacking tools

    Over the past five years, US authorities have gained access to hundreds of thousands of mobile devices. At least 2,000 law enforcement agencies in all 50 US states have the tools to access encrypted and locked smartphones, and they use them much more often than previously known. According to a...
  3. talent

    News US Department of Justice arrested Russian rapper in cybercrime and money laundering case

    Boyko is involved in the cross-border criminal network QQAAZZ Russian citizen Maxim Boyko was arrested in the United States at the end of March this year on charges of cyber fraud, according to the US Department of Justice. As noted in a written statement released in connection with this...
  4. Jeremys

    News US authorities want full control over TikTok code

    If the purchase of US TikTok operations does not meet national security requirements, the app will be closed. Oracle's purchase of TikTok's US operations and spinning them off as a separate company turned out to be tricky. The fact is that the parties to the transaction currently interpret the...
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