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  1. Serafim

    News UK secretly tests tool to track web activity

    The development is being carried out by two unnamed Internet service providers, the Home Office and the UK's National Crime Agency. Over the past two years, police and Internet companies across the UK have been quietly building and testing surveillance technology that could capture and store...
  2. Jaysu

    News British intelligence agencies told about cyber attacks on DAESH

    Representatives of the UK military services revealed details of the operation to weaken terrorist groups in 2016-2017. The Director of GCHQ, Jeremy Fleming (Jeremy Fleming) and head of the Strategic command of Britain Patrick Sanders (Patrick Sanders) told the details of the British secret...
  3. Soldier

    News In the UK, more than 20 customers of the WeLeakInfo platform were arrested

    The suspects used the stolen personal data of users to commit cybercrimes. In the UK, as part of the fight against cybercrime, 21 people were arrested who acquired access to data stolen as a result of hacking other websites on the now-defunct WeLeakInfo resource. According to the National...
  4. sanok

    Cardable Sites United Kingdom | Clothes sites

    There a list of some cardable sites in the United Kingdom
  5. Dep

    News Google may pay $ 3 billion in compensation for child rights violations

    In the UK, a lawsuit was filed against Google for collecting children's data by YouTube. Google may pay $ 3 billion in compensation for a lawsuit filed against it in the UK. YouTube regularly violates data privacy laws by tracking children online, according to the statement. The lawsuit...
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