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  1. sanok

    Anonymity TOR Browser and How to Use IT

    TOR basically known as THE ONION ROUTER is an anonymous internet browser that hides your anonymity while you browse internet. This means that the your ISP will ONLY know that you are accessing the TOR BROWSER but their spying eyes won’t be able to see what you are doing on the TOR Browser. TOR...
  2. K

    Anonymity How connect to Dedicated Server (RDP) via TOR

    Whonix is a Debian-based distribution in two parts. When I say two-part, I mean that Whonix needs two virtual machines to run. The first is a gateway (Whonix Gateway), which works only through Tor and Torifies absolutely all traffic, and the second is a completely isolated workstation (Whonix...
  3. sanok

    Anonymity Chrome with TOR

    Kronymous is a dedicated console for establishing a secure connection. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** After all these steps, all your traffic will go through the TOR network, all tabs will have a different IP. To disable...
  4. Tasken

    News Brave browser leaves traces of onion addresses in DNS traffic

    In Tor mode, the Brave browser sends domain requests .onion is not directed to Tor nodes, but to public DNS resolvers. The Tor mode in the Brave browser allows users to access sites .onion in a private window without having to install Tor separately. However, as it turned out, onion addresses...
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