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  1. Jaysu

    Tips Definition of detections of a shop or payment

    Today we will be puzzled by a very important thing - determining what a shop or service checks when we try to drive in. This will help to understand much better the reasons for possible declines and flaws in the configuration of our system or browser. These can be various fingerprints, WebGL...
  2. K

    Tips Bypassing Wi-Fi authorization

    I hope many of you at least once in life traveled and know the airports, there is Wi-Fi, but it is always pre-authentication (Captive Portal) that asks You to enter your information (phone number, name and other hat), I am personally tired of it (they can use the data entered to spam or get...
  3. K

    Tips How create a Google Account without verifying number

    How create a Google Account without verifying number Hello everyone! Today we will look at several simple ways to register a Google account without SMS verification: On a computer or laptop; Using the Android platform; Using a virtual number. Google Accounts are very popular with people...
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