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    This premium member has ripped someone You will see the screenshot before. HE IS NOT VERIFIED !!! PREMIUM DOES NOT MEAN VERIFIED !!! AS YOU CAN SEE HE WANTS MORE MONEY NOW/ He is blaming blockchain network. Everyone knows that the blockchain network NEVER LIES He is a...
  2. Core

    News Scanclub scammers exploit vulnerability in WebKit-based browsers

    Over the past three months, the number of impressions of malicious ads from ScamClub has reached 16 million per day. The fraudulent group ScamClub exploited a vulnerability (CVE-2021 - 1801 ) in the WebKit engine used in various web browsers to redirect victims to fraudulent sites. Over the...
  3. Soldier

    News Scammers steal cryptocurrency from MetaMask users using Google ads

    Users of the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet have become victims of the current phishing campaign, in which criminals use Google ads to steal money. Victims lost their savings after clicking on a fraudulent ad promoted in a search query as the MetaMask site. All messages from victims describe...
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