1. Core

    Anonymity Types of phishing

    Types of phishing What is it? Phishing is a type of email distribution under the name of a popular brand or social network administration. The goal is to get encrypted user data. This is a subspecies of social engineering that relies on users ' poor knowledge of Internet security. In practice...
  2. Dorblue

    News Internet scammers have deceived Russians into stealing about 150 billion rubles in 2020

    58% of users deceived by phone scammers independently transferred money. Telephone and Internet scammers in 2020 earned about 150 billion rubles from Russian citizens, 66 billion rubles of which fall on the income of attackers posing as Bank employees. According to analysts of BrandMonitor...
  3. Tasken

    News Scammers use XSS vulnerability to trick Facebook users

    Criminals use Facebook to distribute malicious links that redirect users to fraudulent sites. Security researchers at Malwarebytes have reported a sophisticated browser locker-type malware campaign targeting Facebook users. Attackers use a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in a popular...
  4. Otto

    News Scammers empty bank accounts with AnyDesk and SIM swapping

    Cyber fraudsters use a devilish cocktail of social engineering, SIM swapping and remote access software. Using this kit, attackers devastate users' bank accounts. In total, the victims of the criminals, of whom there are only three to date, lost more than $ 350,000. In all cases, identical...
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