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  1. Jaysu

    Cryptocurrency Russian mobile carriers consider smartphone integration for digital ruble

    Russian wireless service providers MegaFon and Beeline proposed to link digital ruble wallets on smartphones to user's phone numbers. Major Russian mobile network operators like MegaFon and Beeline are considering how the digital ruble will function on their mobile devices. According to a...
  2. Dorblue

    News Internet scammers have deceived Russians into stealing about 150 billion rubles in 2020

    58% of users deceived by phone scammers independently transferred money. Telephone and Internet scammers in 2020 earned about 150 billion rubles from Russian citizens, 66 billion rubles of which fall on the income of attackers posing as Bank employees. According to analysts of BrandMonitor...
  3. talent

    News US Department of Justice arrested Russian rapper in cybercrime and money laundering case

    Boyko is involved in the cross-border criminal network QQAAZZ Russian citizen Maxim Boyko was arrested in the United States at the end of March this year on charges of cyber fraud, according to the US Department of Justice. As noted in a written statement released in connection with this...
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