1. Jeremys

    News LockBit ransomware disrupted the work of India's largest news Agency

    The computer systems of the largest Indian news Agency Press Trust of India (PTI) were subjected to a large-scale attack using ransomware, which disrupted the operation of servers for several hours. This was reported by the Hindu Business Line newspaper. The attack by LockBit ransomware...
  2. xanix

    News Ransomware started buying access to hacked networks on the dark web

    Researchers at the consulting company Accenture assessed the situation with the sale of access to hacked networks on dark web sites. As it turned out, in three years the demand for this “product” has grown significantly, and such offers are of great interest to distributors of ransomware...
  3. Dep

    Hacking Ransomware Decryption programs and tools

    If your computer gets infected with ransomware, here is how to recover your data: 1: Do not pay the ransom because there is no guarantee that the ransomware creators will allow you to recover your data. 2: Find any available backups you have. 3: If there are no back-ups, you will need to try to...
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