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  1. Dorblue

    News Landcrab Ransomware Distributor Arrested in South Korea

    Between February and June 2019, the suspect sent almost 6.5 thousand malicious emails to users in South Korea. The National Police of South Korea announced the arrest of a 20-year-old suspect on charges of distributing extortionate software GandCrab . The suspect, whose name has not been...
  2. Serafim

    News The British organization, the billionaire was the victim of a rent-seeking BY

    The ransomware attacked an organization in the UK government whose mission is to invest in science and research. The autonomous government organization UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) was subjected to a cyber attack using extortionate software that encrypted its digital resources. The...
  3. xanix

    News Ransomware started buying access to hacked networks on the dark web

    Researchers at the consulting company Accenture assessed the situation with the sale of access to hacked networks on dark web sites. As it turned out, in three years the demand for this “product” has grown significantly, and such offers are of great interest to distributors of ransomware...
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