1. Lucky

    Tips Prepaid cards / VCC

    Prepaid cards - a physical card with access to your personal account. VCC is a virtual card (not physically present). These cards are registered for fullz (ssn + dob), sometimes they can ask for bg and credit report questions (in the case of deadline offices like Valmart). It is advisable to...
  2. Wisp

    Tips How to load Prepaid Cards

    How to load Prepaid Cards 1. First of all you login the prepaid card, click on the direct deposit and you will see the account and routine number of the prepaid card, write it down somewhere safe 2. Get a huttington bank login with Email access 3. Login the huttington bank log , head over to...
  3. Gap

    Virtual Carding Card Phones Using One Vanilla Prepaid.

    Card Phones Using One Vanilla Prepaid. 1.Get a good client in US to buy the card. 2.U can get your client ssn if its good (SSN of 550+ should work fine) 3.If u can't get client ssn go to unicc or any ssn shop online and buy an SSN that matches your client name 4.Perform background check on ur...
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