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  1. Otto

    News Moscow police detained a dangerous hacker

    Damages in a criminal case is estimated at tens of millions of rubles Law enforcement officers detained a hacker who, as part of a group of individuals, installed malicious software on the computers of commercial organizations in Moscow and received tens of millions of rubles from companies...
  2. Otto

    News Manufacturer of spy tools for the police declared bankrupt

    The history of eSurv is a vivid example of how the business of selling spyware can go "on a curve". In 2019, SecurityLab reported on the Italian spyware manufacturer eSurv, which infected at least 1 thousand Google Play users with malicious applications. Although the company sold its products...
  3. Soldier

    News Scammers steal cryptocurrency from MetaMask users using Google ads

    Users of the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet have become victims of the current phishing campaign, in which criminals use Google ads to steal money. Victims lost their savings after clicking on a fraudulent ad promoted in a search query as the MetaMask site. All messages from victims describe...
  4. al capone

    News New generation police dogs trained to find electronics

    Dogs can smell smartphones, microSD cards, etc., which can serve as evidence in criminal investigations. New times dictate new conditions - US law enforcement agencies are now training their service dogs to find not only drugs and weapons, but also electronic devices. According to the Star...
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