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  1. al capone

    Payment Systems Payment Systems - List of Merchants

    Payment Systems - List of Merchants What does a merchant mean? Antifraud system (which prevents us from carding and receiving money from them) is engaged in merch. It is he who checks our system / ip, etc. Therefore, you need to know what that and specific merchant is. I have compiled a list...
  2. Dorblue

    Payment Systems Best Mobile Payment Apps for Safe Transactions | Part 1

    Mobile payment apps are changing the way people settle financial transactions. They move cash to where it needs to be while working in the background. With just your mobile phone, it is possible to make convenient in-store purchases, pay your friends and colleagues back, make international...
  3. Wisp

    Payment Systems Carding | Western Union | Method & Tips

    Tools required for carding WU: Buy High Quality USA Fullz Purchase aged WU account to attach to. 911 vpn or socks 5 The first transfer will be for test. Click send money select the amount not more than $ 20. Send this amount to any name in USA. If everything is done correctly, the payment...
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