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  1. al capone

    News Group-IB helped Interpol identify criminals from Nigeria who attacked companies around the world

    Group-IB took part in the Interpol operation "Falcon" to stop the activities of cybercriminals from Nigeria. The group, called Group-IB TMT specialists, has been committing massive hacks of corporate mail for several years and stealing user authentication data from browsers, email, and FTP...
  2. Dep

    News iPhone Detailed photos of the device for jailbreaking appeared on the Web

    The manufacturer of the iPhone jailbreak tool, GrayShift, has filed with the US Federal Trade Commission for an FCC ID. SecurityLab has repeatedly talked about a device called GrayShift 's GrayKey, designed for forensic analysis (or simply jailbreak) iPhone. However, what it looked like...
  3. Dep

    News Google may pay $ 3 billion in compensation for child rights violations

    In the UK, a lawsuit was filed against Google for collecting children's data by YouTube. Google may pay $ 3 billion in compensation for a lawsuit filed against it in the UK. YouTube regularly violates data privacy laws by tracking children online, according to the statement. The lawsuit...
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