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  1. Otto

    News Hackers who hacked solarwinds bypassed multi-factor authentication

    As SecurityLab wrote earlier, on December 13, SolarWinds reported that it was the victim of a cyber attack on the supply chain. Hackers funded by a foreign government broke into the networks of an American software manufacturer and implemented a malicious update for its Orion software in order...
  2. al capone

    News Hackers who attacked the Embraer aircraft manufacturer published part of the stolen data

    Brazil's Embraer, which is now considered the third-largest aircraft manufacturer after Boeing and Airbus, was the victim of a ransomware cyberattack last month. Now hackers who compromised the aircraft company's network have published some of the confidential data, as Embraer refused to...
  3. Gap

    Cryptocurrency Bithumb Operator Wants At Least USD 430m For Its Stake In Exchange

    One of the biggest crypto exchanges might be sold as South Korean market-leader Bithumb is reportedly looking for a buyer. Per Herald Kyungjae, undisclosed investment banking sources have told the media outlet that Bithumb operator Bithumb Holdings is actively looking for a way out of the...
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