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  1. K

    News Brian Krebs: I didn't hack your Microsoft Exchange servers

    Experts have identified 21,248 hacked Microsoft Exchange servers with a backdoor connecting to the brian[.]krebsonsecurity[.]top domain. In the case of mass hacks of Microsoft Exchange servers, new data has emerged indicating the possible involvement of a well-known journalist Brian Krebs, who...
  2. Lucky

    Tips Prepaid cards / VCC

    Prepaid cards - a physical card with access to your personal account. VCC is a virtual card (not physically present). These cards are registered for fullz (ssn + dob), sometimes they can ask for bg and credit report questions (in the case of deadline offices like Valmart). It is advisable to...
  3. al capone

    News Vulnerability in the Linux kernel puts web servers and Android devices at risk

    The problem allows you to track Linux and Android devices even when the browser has private mode enabled or a VPN is used. many web servers on Linux and millions of Android devices are at risk due to a vulnerability in the Linux kernel that affects the pseudo-random number generator and allows...
  4. Tasken

    News New spyware used by North Korean hackers from Kimsuky discovered

    Security researchers from the company Cybereason told about the new malware that was used by the North Korean group Kimsuky (also known as Black Banshee, Velvet Chollima and Thallium) during attacks on government institutions in South Korea. Earlier, the cybersecurity and infrastructure...
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