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  1. Jaysu

    News Microsoft: More than 1 thousand hackers probably worked on the organization of the SolarWinds attack

    The companies called the attack through SolarWinds the largest in history. The results of an analysis of the hacking of SolarWinds computer systems conducted by Microsoft suggest that the malicious code used in the attack on the SolarWinds supply chain was developed by about a thousand...
  2. Core

    News Microsoft told how the hackers who attacked SolarWinds evaded detection

    The hackers turned out to be skilled and methodical operators who follow best practices to ensure the security of operations. Information security specialists from Microsoft shared details about how hackers who attacked the SolarWinds supply chain managed to remain unnoticed and hide their...
  3. Soldier

    News The Microsoft Edge browser will warn users about the "leaked" passwords

    The function of checking whether user usernames and passwords were stolen will appear in the Microsoft Edge browser after its update, which is scheduled for release in January. The browser will constantly check the information with databases of information about declassified usernames and...
  4. Core

    News Ex-Microsoft employee gets 9 years for stealing $10 million from his employer

    The 26-year-old Ukrainian citizen used test accounts to steal gift cards, which he then sold online. A Seattle district court has sentenced a former Microsoft software engineer to nine years in prison for 18 felonies that caused more than $10 million in property damage to the company. The...
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