1. Serafim

    Tips Dictionary - Terminology Carding

    Authorization - checking and defining permissions to perform certain actions. Permission granted by the Issuer to perform a transaction using a Bank card. During the authorization process, data about the card and the requested amount are transmitted to the issuing Bank, where the client's...
  2. K

    Tips Selection of bank | Carding

    Imagine: you’ve decided to take the case, you need to buy a credit card. You go to the carding forum, carefully scrutinize all the offers, finally, find a seller with good reputation and appropriate prices... And you find out that he’s offering cards of different banks. You’d think it was a...
  3. Dep

    Bank Carding Information about the types of Bank Cards

    Visa 1. Classic: The Card is used worldwide in any locations designated by Visa, including ATMs, real and virtual Stores, and shops offering goods and services by mail and telephone. 2. Gold – This card has a higher limit capacity. Most used card and adopted worldwide. 3. Platinum – Card is...
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