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  1. Otto

    Cryptocurrency Ledger owners report chilling threats after 20K more records leaked

    “Are you able to imagine all the possible consequences that can occur to you and your loved ones?” said the scammer. Ledger users are receiving threatening emails in the wake of the hardware wallet manufacturer reporting that 20,000 more of its customers have been affected by another massive...
  2. Lucky

    News The network got the addresses of 270,000 owners of Ledger crypto wallets

    On the hacker forum found a database containing email addresses and physical addresses of owners of hardware wallets Ledger, according to the publication Bleeping Computer. Journalists recall that in the summer of this year, the company Ledger suffered from a data leak, and a vulnerability on...
  3. Soldier

    News Addresses of 270 thousand owners of Ledger wallets published on the hacker forum

    Ledger has confirmed that the publication of the stolen data is likely linked to the June 2020 hack. The attacker posted stolen email addresses and email addresses of users of the Ledger cryptocurrency wallet on the hacker forum Raidforum. Recall that on June 25 of this year, hackers gained...
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