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  1. Core

    News US court orders Russian hacker to pay $ 20 million

    Earlier, he was jailed for the largest hacking of financial systems in the history of the United States In the electronic database of documents of the US judicial system, a document appeared, according to which the Russian Andrey Tyurin, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison, was ordered to...
  2. Tasken

    News APT32 has been attacking Vietnamese human rights activists with spyware for years

    The attacks are part of an ongoing campaign aimed at spying on Vietnamese human rights activists, bloggers and non-profit organizations. The Vietnamese hacker group APT32 (also known as OceanLotus and SeaLotus) organized a series of spyware attacks targeting Vietnamese human rights defenders...
  3. Otto

    News LC: Hackers of US government agencies used software used by Russian hackers

    A Kaspersky Lab study claims that the malware used by attackers during a cyberattack on US government agencies in December is similar to tools that are linked to Russian hackers. Hackers broke into the IT systems of US government agencies using tools used by the Russian cybercrime group Turla...
  4. Dep

    News The student was charged with hacking the website of the Ministry of Education

    The court found the 17-year-old student guilty of committing a criminal offense under Article 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. In Vats, a student was charged with hacking the website of the Ministry of Education of the Novosibirsk Region. Studying remotely, a student of the...
  5. Jaysu

    News Hackers stole data from 540 thousand sports judges and representatives of sports leagues

    The sports league software vendor was able to fend off the ransomware attack, but the hackers managed to steal sensitive data. ArbiterSports, a sports league software company, reported a security incident affecting some 540,000 registered members, including sports referees and senior...
  6. Wisp

    Cardable Sites Vitamins, Vitamins And Protein | Cardable Site

    Today, a site that sells protein, honey, vitamins of all kinds, some medicines and steroids of high quality, at very cheap prices, easy to scroll, and shipped directly to the home and to the paths Of course, I deal with these sites through personal experience and I have 4 orders and they arrived...
  7. Dep

    Payment Systems Registering an Employer Identification Number

    Employer Identification Number, a number that the us internal revenue service (IRS) assigns to businesses and private entrepreneurs. As our legal entity's INN. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  8. al capone

    News Hackers published personal data of SoftServe IT-companies employees

    The company expects the hackers to demand a ransom. SoftServe continues to investigate. Hackers published projects of clients, and probably personal data of employees of one of the largest Ukrainian IT companies SoftServe. On September 2, it became known that SoftServe (number 2 in the...
  9. Dep

    Hacking Hack WordPress Website with WPScan tool

    This tutorial in the category WordPress hacking will teach you how to scan WordPress websites for vulnerabilities, enumerate WordPress users accounts and brute force passwords. Enumerating WordPress hackers is the first step in a brute force attack in order to gain access to a WordPress account...
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