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  1. Otto

    News Masslogger Trojan steals passwords from Chromium browsers and messengers

    The attackers targeted organizations in Turkey, Latvia and Italy. Cisco Talos specialists have discovered a new malicious campaign in which the Masslogger Trojan steals the credentials of Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Opera, Brave), Microsoft Outlook, and instant messaging...
  2. Lucky

    News Hackers steal millions of dollars by spoofing thousands of mobile devices

    A group of cybercriminals used mobile emulators to simulate thousands of mobile devices, allowing them to steal millions of dollars in a matter of days. According to experts from IBM Security Trusteer, as part of the mobile banking fraud aimed at financial institutions in Europe and the United...
  3. xanix

    News Qnap developers warned about dangerous bugs in QTS

    This week, Qnap released an update for its QTS operating system, which is running the company's NAS, announcing the correction of two vulnerabilities related to command injection. Although the developers have not yet disclosed many details about the problems found, it is reported that the bugs...
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