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  1. Otto

    Anonymity DNSCrypt - DNS traffic encryption for paranoid people.

    Using VPN, TOR or even Tails, you think your anonymity is protected. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is one very important channel for leaking your private information - the DNS service. But fortunately, a solution has been invented for this too. Today I will show you how to encrypt...
  2. Soldier

    Anonymity Guide to configuring the Sphere-Browser in conjunction with a proxy from 911.re

    First, we'll need to download and install the free version of Proxifier (you can do this here). Important – you need the standard version, not Portable. After that, we buy a subscription to the service 911.re and download their client. You can download it on the website, or follow the direct...
  3. Dorblue

    Anonymity How well-known CyberCriminals came across

    I forgot to enable VPN A resident of the United Kingdom, Tomas Skowron, stole money using malicious software. A time-tested scheme was used: using a Trojan, access to Internet banking was stolen, and then the money was transferred to front persons, who then cashed it out. Thus, the criminals...
  4. K

    Anonymity Kali Linux | Information for newbies

    Kali Linux | Information for newbies Kali Linux is one of the Linux distributions designed for hackers and information security professionals. Therefore, it is not surprising that this raises its popularity and many newbies and people who do not have any knowledge of information security are...
  5. Tasken

    Anonymity Such a different VPN. Analyze alternative VPN protocols.

    Ideally, the VPN Protocol should be secure, functional, and fast. But there is another factor: popularity. An unpopular Protocol is harder to implement and maintain: its software needs to be installed and configured, and users and administrators need to be trained. Sometimes protocols become...
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