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  1. al capone

    News 15-year-old vulnerabilities in Linux allow hackers to get superuser rights

    Using vulnerabilities, local attackers can bypass security features. GRIMM specialists have discovered vulnerabilities in the iSCSI subsystem of the Linux kernel that allow local attackers with basic user privileges to increase their privileges to superuser. Vulnerabilities can only be...
  2. Core

    News Scammers use fake Google reCAPTCHA in phishing attacks

    Over the past three months, at least 2.5 thousand fake emails were sent to senior employees of banks and IT companies. Cybercriminals are sending thousands of phishing emails to Microsoft Office 365 users as part of an ongoing malicious campaign to steal credentials. The attackers give the...
  3. Soldier

    News Cybercriminals have become more likely to use Google services in phishing campaigns

    Security researchers have reported an increase in cyber attacks using Google services as a weapon to circumvent security measures and steal credentials, credit card data and other personal information. A team of experts from Armorblox analyzed five phishing campaigns, which they call the "tip...
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