1. Jeremys

    News The blogger hacked the scammers who tried to deceive him and showed them an image from their own webcam | LOL

    Attackers posing as an Amazon call center "ran into" a seasoned fraud hunter. Internet scammers should be prepared for the fact that the "fish" that they are trying to catch on their hook may not be up to them. This is exactly what happened to the careless scammers who tried to deceive the...
  2. al capone

    News Fraudsters copy the voices of company executives to deceive victims

    In just the past four months, the number of incidents involving voice copying has increased by 60%. The number of scammers with voice-copying tools is growing rapidly. Criminals have a variety of materials to teach artificial intelligence algorithms, including audio clips, podcasts, and online...
  3. Jeremys

    Tips Walmart Anti-fraud check of payments

    Walmart Anti-fraud check of payments Detecting and combating fraudulent transactions is one of the key tasks of all international payment systems. The security of online payment transactions is monitored by many systems at different levels and stages of the payment process. International...
  4. Core

    Anonymity Types of phishing

    Types of phishing What is it? Phishing is a type of email distribution under the name of a popular brand or social network administration. The goal is to get encrypted user data. This is a subspecies of social engineering that relies on users ' poor knowledge of Internet security. In practice...
  5. Core

    Anonymity A Guide To FraudFox And Anti-Fingerprinting

    A Guide To FraudFox And Anti-Fingerprinting Introduction Lets start from browser fingerprint which is exactly how you get declines! so what is browser finger print ? anything from browser can help store / shop / payment processor to detect you are same person who tried to card them. For...
  6. al capone

    News Million-dollar fraud with Apple Pay – Perennial prison sentences

    Fraudsters in the USA have succeeded in using Apple Pay and stolen credit card data to purchase goods worth over 1.5 million US dollars. The leader of the fraud ring, a 30-year-old from Miami, has now been sentenced by a court to four and a half years in prison for wire fraud and identity theft...
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