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  1. Jeremys

    News The blogger hacked the scammers who tried to deceive him and showed them an image from their own webcam | LOL

    Attackers posing as an Amazon call center "ran into" a seasoned fraud hunter. Internet scammers should be prepared for the fact that the "fish" that they are trying to catch on their hook may not be up to them. This is exactly what happened to the careless scammers who tried to deceive the...
  2. Serafim

    Tips What is Anti-Fraud:Tasks and Methods

    What is antifraud: tasks and methods To combat fraud and theft of confidential information, banking systems use antifraud. These systems are aimed at detecting and preventing fraudulent attacks, and this is implemented by dozens of different methods. Let's talk about the goals and methods of...
  3. Core

    Anonymity Types of phishing

    Types of phishing What is it? Phishing is a type of email distribution under the name of a popular brand or social network administration. The goal is to get encrypted user data. This is a subspecies of social engineering that relies on users ' poor knowledge of Internet security. In practice...
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