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  1. Core

    Cryptocurrency 2 key Ethereum price metrics prove pro traders are behind ETH’s new highs

    Ethereum futures data suggests that pro traders believe $3,500 ETH is the next stop for the top altcoin. As Ether (ETH) made a $2,800 all-time on April 29, so did its futures open interest. The $8.5 billion figure marks a 52% monthly increase and shows robust trading activity behind the meteoric...
  2. sanok

    Cryptocurrency Ethereum could go to $10K in 2021 and outperform Bitcoin, says veteran trader

    According to professional trader Scott Melker, Ethereum’s “tremendous upside potential” could overshadow Bitcoin this year. Ether (ETH) is likely to outperform Bitcoin (BTC), at least in the short term, said veteran trader Scott Melker in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph. Alt season...
  3. Serafim

    News Ethereum fundamentals signal $2,000 ETH price is closer than it seems

    Both on-chain and trading metrics indicate Ether dips are meant for buying as ETH eyes $2,000. In the early hours of Feb. 15, Ether (ETH) price plunged to $1,660, followed by a 9% recovery within 10 hours. The move triggered $280 million in futures contracts liquidations, indicating excessive...
  4. Serafim

    Cryptocurrency Traders flock into altcoins as Bitcoin price trades sideways

    Altcoins are surging higher as Bitcoin price consolidates and the prospect of a $3 trillion economic stimulus package sparks confidence in crypto investors. The bullish momentum seen throughout the week has spilled over into the weekend as the majority of the top-100 tokens listed on...
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