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    Cryptocurrency 2 key Ethereum price metrics prove pro traders are behind ETH’s new highs

    Ethereum futures data suggests that pro traders believe $3,500 ETH is the next stop for the top altcoin. As Ether (ETH) made a $2,800 all-time on April 29, so did its futures open interest. The $8.5 billion figure marks a 52% monthly increase and shows robust trading activity behind the meteoric...
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    Cryptocurrency Ethereum breaks out vs. Bitcoin: Why one trader says ETH/BTC looks 'absolutely insane'

    Ethereum is breaking out against Bitcoin and traders are turning bullish on ETH/BTC and altcoins. Ether (ETH) price is seeing green in its Bitcoin (BTC) pair on April 21, reaching the highest levels since early February. Given the technical breakout of ETH/BTC, traders are beginning to expect a...
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    Cryptocurrency Bullish $10K Ethereum call options excite traders but there’s a catch

    December’s $10,000 Ethereum calls options have started to pick up volume, but are traders really expecting ETH to reach this level? Ether’s (ETH) $10,000 Dec. 31 call options recently came under the spotlight after surpassing $15.2 million in open interest (8,400 contracts). These instruments...
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