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  1. Gap

    News A sticker sent to Telegram can reveal secret chats

    Exploiting the problem allowed remote attackers to gain access to messages, photos, and videos in users ' secret chats. Cybersecurity researchers have revealed details about a fixed vulnerability in the Telegram messaging app, the exploitation of which allowed remote attackers to access...
  2. Otto

    Anonymity Cybersecurity Lesson

    What Is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity refers to the measures taken to keep electronic information private and safe from damage or theft. It is also used to make sure electronic devices and data are not misused. Cybersecurity applies to both software and hardware, as well as information on the...
  3. Tasken

    News Hackers-mercenaries developed a PowerPepper backdoor for Windows RAM

    Cybersecurity researchers from Kaspersky Lab told about a new backdoor loaded into Windows RAM, which was developed by hackers for Hire (HfH). The backdoor can remotely execute malicious code and steal confidential information. The malware, called PowerPepper, is linked to the cybercrime group...
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