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  1. Dorblue

    News Unknown hackers intercepted access over the domain

    On the site there was a notification about the sale of this domain, also containing the contact details of the registrar. Perl programming language specialist Brian Fay, reported that control over the domain it was intercepted by unknown cybercriminals. "We're still trying to...
  2. Soldier

    News Cybercriminals have become more likely to use Google services in phishing campaigns

    Security researchers have reported an increase in cyber attacks using Google services as a weapon to circumvent security measures and steal credentials, credit card data and other personal information. A team of experts from Armorblox analyzed five phishing campaigns, which they call the "tip...
  3. al capone

    News How cybercriminals stole $ 15 million from an American company

    The attackers did not use malware, they "just" stole email credentials. Experienced cybercriminals stole $ 15 million from a US company in a carefully crafted fraudulent operation that lasted for two months. According to the BleepingComputer portal, the cyberattack can be confidently called a...
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