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  1. Soldier

    News Addresses of 270 thousand owners of Ledger wallets published on the hacker forum

    Ledger has confirmed that the publication of the stolen data is likely linked to the June 2020 hack. The attacker posted stolen email addresses and email addresses of users of the Ledger cryptocurrency wallet on the hacker forum Raidforum. Recall that on June 25 of this year, hackers gained...
  2. al capone

    News How cybercriminals stole $ 15 million from an American company

    The attackers did not use malware, they "just" stole email credentials. Experienced cybercriminals stole $ 15 million from a US company in a carefully crafted fraudulent operation that lasted for two months. According to the BleepingComputer portal, the cyberattack can be confidently called a...
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