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  1. Tasken

    News Hackers-mercenaries developed a PowerPepper backdoor for Windows RAM

    Cybersecurity researchers from Kaspersky Lab told about a new backdoor loaded into Windows RAM, which was developed by hackers for Hire (HfH). The backdoor can remotely execute malicious code and steal confidential information. The malware, called PowerPepper, is linked to the cybercrime group...
  2. Soldier

    News In the run-up to black Friday and cyber Monday, the number of phishing attacks has doubled

    The Check Point Research team found a spike in hacker activity over the past six weeks. The fact is that due to the restrictions associated with COVID-19, online shopping has reached a new level this year, and the number of online purchases on black Friday and cyber Monday is breaking all...
  3. Jaysu

    News Cyberpolice covered a group of hackers distributing "viral" software

    Thus, cybercriminals lured money from people. Cyber police officers exposed an organized criminal group of hackers who unauthorizedly interfered with the operation of computers and power grids. This was reported by the press service of the National Police. As noted, the cybercriminals spread...
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