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    Cryptocurrency Norwegian investment firm allocates $58M to Bitcoin and crypto ventures

    Aker ASA has created a new subsidiary firm to hold Bitcoin on its balance sheet and invest in other companies in the crypto space. Aker ASA, a $6 billion Oslo Børs-listed holding company is set to begin investing in Bitcoin. According to a press release issued on Monday, Aker has created a new...
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    Cryptocurrency Blockstack's CEO looks to build a new framework for crypto securities

    Blockstack's ecosystem has gone beyond the firm that gave it life, argues CEO. You could argue that the crypto industry should be crowdsourcing Blockstack’s legal expenses. Blockstack’s trailblazing work with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the initial coin offering (ICO) for its...
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    Cryptocurrency Colombian gov't invites companies to trial its crypto transaction framework

    Colombia takes another important step towards regulating the nation’s crypto sphere. The government of Colombia has approved on September 22 a pilot program that calls companies to test crypto transactions until December 31 within the regulatory sandbox just passed by the country’s financial...
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