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    Cryptocurrency Former US Director of cybersecurity: Crypto ransomware ‘running wild’

    Ransomware is something the "average American" is worried about, says former cybersecurity top dog Chris Krebs Former Department of Homeland Security official Christopher Krebs called for greater governmental oversight of cryptocurrency in an interview yesterday, saying that anonymous payments...
  2. Gap

    Cryptocurrency Bitcoin rally slows as whales transfer wealth to retail investors

    Crypto analytics firm Glassnode has spotted several indicators suggesting Bitcoin's bulls could be slowing down. Analytics provider Glassnode is reporting that current on-chain indicators suggest the Bitcoin bull market may be entering into its later stages. In its March 22 Week on Chain...
  3. Soldier

    Cryptocurrency Visa reaffirms commitment to crypto payments & fiat on-ramps

    The payments giant is bullish on stablecoins, but may be overlooking the potential of DeFi During the Visa Q1 earnings call on Thursday, chairman and CEO Al Kelly devoted a portion of his comments to reaffirming the financial giant’s commitment to crypto payments and onramps, as well as...
  4. Otto

    News Losses from BEC attacks reach $26 billion a year

    Attackers who carry out BEC attacks conduct operations in at least 39 different countries and are responsible for annual losses of $26 billion. IB specialists from The agari cyber intelligence Department analyzed more than 9 thousand cases of BEC attacks (business email compromise) around the...
  5. Lucky

    Cryptocurrency Bitcoin's Taproots is ready to go, but it's unlikely to be included in the next release

    Developers don't want to move too fast. The Bitcoin Improvement Proposals 340 through 342 were merged into the Bitcoin codebase on Thursday, signaling that the anticipated Taproot upgrade is ready. Taproot and the associated technology of Schnorr signatures are considered to be the most...
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