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  1. Core

    Cryptocurrency Bank of America analyst slams Bitcoin: Buying 1 BTC is ‘like owning 60 cars’

    It looks like 2017 called and wants its Bitcoin condemnation back, with a Bank of America analyst reheating some long standing criticisms of BTC for its clients. Bank of America analyst Francisco Blanch has slammed Bitcoin as "exceptionally volatile", "impractical" and an environmentally...
  2. Jaysu

    Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity

    Cryptocurrency and cybersecurity Cybercrime incidents are on the rise year after year – there doesn't seem to be a slowdown for Internet criminals. With the advent of cryptocurrency, these cybercriminals now have new aspirations and new motivations for their criminal activities online. Moreover...
  3. al capone

    Cryptocurrency MicroStrategy purchases another $1 billion worth of Bitcoin, now owns 90,000 BTC

    CEO Michael Saylor said the firm doesn't intend to slow down the rate of its Bitcoin acquisitions after buying another $1 billion worth of BTC. Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy increased its Bitcoin (BTC) holdings by 27% on Wednesday after purchasing an additional 19,452 coins, taking...
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