crypto 2021

  1. Jeremys

    Cryptocurrency The head of the Thodex crypto exchange disappeared along with $2 billion of investor funds

    One of the largest crypto exchanges in Turkey, Thodex, has stopped working, and its founder, Faruk Fatih Ozer, has fled the country. The Turkish Prosecutor General's Office has announced an international search for the founder of the Thodex cryptocurrency exchange, Farouk Fatih Ozera. He fled...
  2. Otto

    Cryptocurrency CoinList ‘Rally’: 40K investors rush to buy RLY despite price pump

    Rally has generated $22 million in sales from its liquid token sale on April 4, which attracted 40,000 investors. Social token platform Rally has completed its first “liquid token sale” on crypto asset issuance platform CoinList, with 40,000 investors snapping up RLY tokens for $0.60 each...
  3. sanok

    Cryptocurrency Bank of America claims it costs just $93 million to move Bitcoin’s price by 1%

    Bank of America strategists have estimated that it takes in-flows of just $93 million to move Bitcoin’s price by one percent. The now infamous Bank of America research note slamming Bitcoin also contains research suggesting that it takes just $93 million worth of inflows to move Bitcoin’s price...
  4. Lucky

    Cryptocurrency Fake ad blocker for Windows changes DNS and mines Monero

    Kaspersky Lab experts have analyzed an up-to-date malware program aimed at hijacking other people's cryptocurrency mining facilities. This Windows malware is distributed under the guise of legitimate applications and mainly attacks users from the former CIS countries. During the current...
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