1. Soldier

    Cryptocurrency Why one Bitcoin on-chain analyst is short-term bearish on BTC price, for now

    Several prominent on-chain analysts and traders have turned short-term neutral to slightly bearish on Bitcoin as BTC struggles to reclaim $33,000. Ki Young Ju, the CEO at CryptoQuant and an on-chain analyst, says Bitcoin (BTC) is neutral to short-term bearish for the time being. There are two...
  2. al capone

    Cryptocurrency Armed robbers steal $450K from Hong Kong crypto trader

    A gang of four robbers has reportedly stolen about $450,000 from a crypto trader in Hong Kong. Robbers posing as cryptocurrency buyers have stolen about 3.5 million Hong Kong dollars ($450,000) from a woman in Hong Kong. According to a report by the South China Morning Post on Tuesday, the Hong...
  3. Otto

    Cryptocurrency Crypto user recovers long-lost private keys to access $4M in Bitcoi

    Even with their newfound fortune, the lucky student said they will avoid “expensive luxuries” like a new car or house. A student has claimed to have found private keys accidentally HODLed starting as early as 2011 which will unlock more than $4 million in Bitcoin. According to a throwaway...
  4. Otto

    Cryptocurrency Ledger owners report chilling threats after 20K more records leaked

    “Are you able to imagine all the possible consequences that can occur to you and your loved ones?” said the scammer. Ledger users are receiving threatening emails in the wake of the hardware wallet manufacturer reporting that 20,000 more of its customers have been affected by another massive...
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