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  1. Tasken

    News Chinese hackers hack Gmail with browser extension

    The FriarFox extension gives hackers full access to the victim's Gmail and access to her data for all sites. Specialists of the information security company Proofpoint told about a Chinese cybercrime group that hacks Gmail accounts using a browser extension. The cybercrime group TA413 has been...
  2. Jaysu

    News Hackers attacked the Oxford laboratory studying COVID-19

    The attackers could have obtained data collected in the laboratory on the molecular structure of the coronavirus. Cybercriminals hacked into the computer systems of Oxford University's Strubi Department of Structural Biology, which conducts research on coronavirus infection (COVID-19). "We...
  3. Gap

    News Iranian hackers use ScreenConnect tool for cyber espionage Purposes

    The attackers ' goal is to use the ScreenConnect software to connect to endpoints on client networks. UAE government departments have been targeted in a new cyber-espionage campaign allegedly orchestrated by Iranian hackers. According to security researchers from Anomali, the Static Kitten...
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